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Sovremennye problemy distantsionnogo zondirovaniya Zemli iz kosmosa


Sovremennye problemy distantsionnogo zondirovaniya Zemli iz kosmosa, 2014, Vol. 11, No. 3, pp. 19-27

Gradient-vorticity waves in the Ulleung Basin of the Sea of Japan

A.E. Zvereva1 , V.R. Foux2 
1 N.N.Zubov State Oceanographic Institute, Saint Petersburg, Russia
2 Saint Petersburg State University, Saint Petersburg, Russia
Phenomenological analysis of Southern JES (the Japan/East Sea) SLA altimetry maps show that in sea level fields in synoptic and seasonal variability range along with known quasi-stationary fluxes of the Warm Tsushima Current regional thermo-dynamical features are mostly defined by static-progressive waves. For dynamics features study altimetry sea level relief data from 1992 to 2013 was statistically assessed. The Ulleung Basin sea level oscillations mean, dispersion and spectra spatiotemporal distributions as well as wavelet spectra in terms of high nonstationarity were derived. Studies have shown that low-frequency oscillations mostly belong to the seasonal, annual, quasibiennial and 4 year spectra bands. Harmonic and spectral analyses allowed to assess regional large-scale wave perturbations parameters and to find out that in the range of synoptic and seasonal variability of the hydrodynamic fields water regime is determined by static-progressive waves that are generated by capturing the energy of the main currents due to the topography of this region.
Keywords: Rossby waves, kinematics, altimetry, wavelet analysis, complex empirical orthogonal functions, static-progressive waves, Sea of Japan/ East Sea, Ulleung/Tsushima Basin
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