ISSN 2070-7401 (Print), ISSN 2411-0280 (Online)
Sovremennye problemy distantsionnogo zondirovaniya Zemli iz kosmosa


Sovremennye problemy distantsionnogo zondirovaniya Zemli iz kosmosa, 2013, Vol. 10, No. 4, pp. 127-135

Equivalent section of the particles in the problem of determining the microstructure of the ground layer of the atmosphere

G.P. Arumov , A.V. Bukharin , A.V. Turin 
Space Research Institute of RAS, Moscow, Russia
Equivalent cross section polydisperse and non-spherical particles found as the ratio of the mean square cross-section of the middle cross section. To do this, get a digital image of dust particles through a microscope. Particles corresponds to the cross-section 1,4 10-8 m2 (29%). Equivalent cross section can be compared monodisperse. Then analyzed the scattering layer of non-spherical particles can be replaced by a layer of monodisperse with this cross section. In probing the surface layer of the atmosphere contribute to the equivalent cross-section of a molecular component is much smaller than the cross section on the dust particles. The proposed approach can be used as a standard method for remote measurements of the microstructure of scattering media.
Keywords: дистанционное зондирование, двухпозиционная схема, дифракция, функция распределения частиц, ореол, рассеивающий объект, пропускание, сечение, полидисперсные частицы, монодисперсные частицы, несферические частицы, remote sensing, two-position scheem, diffraction, particle size distribution, a halo, a scattering object, transmission, cross section, polydisperse particles, monodisperse particles, non-spherical particles
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